60V E-Bike Battery (30AH)

20 Kilograms
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Min. Qty
10 Units
Sply. Capacity
100 Units / week
Nt.Wt / Cont.
20 Kilograms / Unit
BrandDUAK ManufacturerDUAK ModelDUAK60VLFP ConditionNew TypeLithium Battery VoltageOthers ,60V Capacity> 40Ah HIGHT CUT66.5VLOW CUT54 VCHARGE CURRENT10 AMP/HRDISCHARGE CURRENT40 AMP / HR

The battery is one of the most important parts of any E-BIKE, as well as the most expensive. The battery is the deciding factor in how long the vehicle can be used without recharging, how long it will work how much it weighs etc. In general, when you choose an elec-tric vehicle, the battery is the component that you must pay the most attention to.
They can be used for a longer time period as compared to the lead-acid battery packs & also take care of the environment, being non-polluting.
DUAK is serving with quality & proving to be a one-stop solution for all your electric vehicle battery requirements.
In terms of electric vehicle, Lithium batteries usually have following volts in sequences

48V, 60.8V in Lithium LFP chemistry)

In Indian market we have two types of lithium rechargeable batteries. Because of their varied chemical compounds, they perform differently. When safety became a concern in the industry, many manufacturers switched to lithium iron phosphate. This increased safety, cycle life, and shelf life, but reduced capacity. Many manufacturers tailor their chemical compounds based on device use. Searched a good battery Pack is nearly going impossible in market because the market is full of suppliers who are offering the clone lithium batteries under the names of famous brands. Those batteries are rated the same as standard lithium batteries yet no one guaranty about their lifespan and also their performance is not as good as you expect. To overcome this case and provide our customer best possible Lithium battery we have in-house cell testing lab with different kind of machine so that we can provide you best quality of battery with original cell to our valuable customers. We offer good lithium battery packs with the best quality at a reasonable price to or customers. We provide you the value for what you are paying