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DUAK, is a leading Lithium Battery Manufacture company located at Jaipur ( The Capital of Rajasthan) and one Unit at Guwahati Assam.
We provide a wide range of customized solutions for Lithium Batteries,  Battery Packs for electric vehicles like E-bike battery, E-Rickshaw battery, E-cycle battery, Solar street light battery and more & energy storage, medical & other devices. Our Lithium solutions are based on NMC, LFP.

DUAK operates in a four-step process consisting of creating batteries from scratch to delivering the end industry-leading product. The four steps embody Design, Manufacture, Assembling and Sales of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries & battery packs.

DUAK bestows its users with a customized experience by providing solutions for their desired product type without having them worried about their project costs.

Being an MSME registered company having CERTIFICATES, 
BIS approved products, 
ISO 9001:2015,
OHSAS 18001:2007 

we have the fresh batch of hardworking team who constantly scribble their innovating thoughts and constantly strive to make the user experience better.

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182-C,1st Floor,NEAR RANI SETI DHERAM KANTA,ROAD NO 9F, Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302013
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